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Week 1 – Website startup

I thought ! Ok lets do something, enough of reading about motivational stories and thinking about doing by myself. I was wasting my time uselessly flipping facebook and news sites,  actually there seems nothing else to do with your mobile except making genuine phone calls.

I figured out there was lack of event registration site and found out was available while searching through various domain names in

Since being a IT guy I had shared hosting space purchased long time back for 5 years so that is still active and some of my friend’s and actually this blog is also hosted there in Dreamhost shared server.

Next I figured out various word press templates online and found out one to be OK with the event listing site. I configured website in dream host. (How? contact me or comment below? I can explain  how)  and installed word-press and the new theme for events website.

Now site is up and running everything good now what ? Content ? where do I find contents for events ? at least I have to have 1 event listed once a day or else it will be useless for readers ?

I know from reading many articles “Creating value to your customers is No 1 thing that you need to do to attract customers”, so Where is my value creating content ” ie Events ” ?

Then I realized until I get enough attention from people, I need to find events and list them on my websites. So in quest of finding events I started exploring all the news sites and e-papers.

Started listing events every day at least one ! Hummmm that’s a good start… then thought I had some $ credit remaining in my facebook account and thought I will try boosting my one of my events.


I boosted an event for a day but …mmmmmm… I was like hey what have I done ?  people  viewed the event but what ? now I don’t want people to just view my event that is going to expire soon, I need people to like and subscribe to my newsletter.

Then I realized for that I need to at least have some posts and at least 10 events listed on website. First I need to promote website among my 949 friends, get likes from them, ask feedbacks from them and then go further.

So Now week 1 lesson learnt

  1. Don’t wait to do things in life – start do something about it. Get head start. You will learn along the way.
    1. Look at me this is my very first post but my words are not finishing and I am really enjoying even at 11 pm without TV in-front of me. You can too
  2. Fist thing first website needs to be clean and at least minimal contents should be there before we go to public
  3. Get consistent contents in the site else people will stop coming to your site event though you post great thing once and forget about your readers
  4. Don’t rush for marketing, first market it to your friends and family, get their feedback and then proceed.

This week and next week will be my task to update events everyday and at least find good blog posts for and make it a reasonable website for viewers which has covered everything.

Please feel free to comment .. I am new and this is my very first post so mistakes are obvious… .


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