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Prateek Regmi – A visionary

Hi there! I’m a entrepreneur by day,  but blogger by night, and this is my blog which aims to share everything i learn and find interesting everyday. I live in Kathmandu, a beautiful city that has immaculate history and beauty with lots to explore and learn from.


This site provides lot of insightful information about plenty of things ranging from tips for everyday life hacks, Travel , Food, people, motivational articles, News analysis and help people to be successful online by sharing how one can make your own brand online from scratch like I have done.

I will promise you I will definitely write about my experience along the way how I manage to make presence online and build my brand.

Today 26 March 2018 is day 1. Facebook friends = 949 . Lets see How I Progress. …

Hope you will like my blog and will want to have frequent communications with you by the means of email, blog comments and I more than welcome you to connect to me via Facebook or Twitter.

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